Need to take a break from work? From the traffic of the city? Are you bored with the daily routine of your life? Do you want something new? Well, why don’t you choose to come to the heart of paradise, Maldives who welcomes you with its pure beauty and the warm hospitality. Maldives is a […]
Welcome to the tropical paradise, Maldives. During your stay in the resort of your choice, you will experience a beauty that is beyond imagination and tranquility you yearned for. For the inqusitive souls, here are some introduction and guidelines before you embark to your enchanting journey to the Maldives. The resorts and hotels
The Maldives can provide an ideal honeymoon setting, consisting of approximately 1000 coral islands where around 200 are inhabited and 90 are holiday resorts. Each island is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs and marine life. The beautiful coral reefs sprawl along the equator in the Indian Ocean like pearls. With soft white sands, scenic skies […]