Quick tips to select Maldives resorts

Published on : 2010 - Oct - 13

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If you are thinking of a holiday in a tropical island, is one of the most ideal for place to visit. A great number of beautiful resorts are scattered all over the Maldive islands offering luxury packages, including pampering spa, restaurants, business centre, and water sports experiences. Thousand of the Maldive Islands boast the most pristine white sandy beach and crystal clear lagoons.

Planning ahead prior to your will help you experience the best time in the most comfortable resort of your preference without making a hole in your pocket. Here are some useful tips to suit you for your trip to the .

Determine your budget.

How much you are willing to spend for your trip in the Maldives. Factor in the accommodation type, meals per day, shopping and other expenses that you think you might need.

Take into account the purpose of your trip.

Whether it is a honeymoon, a romantic getaway with your special one, an enjoyable trip with friends or a family vacation. This can help you make a list of the resorts that will specially cater to the purpose of your trip. You might find that all the resorts do look fancy and similar but they may differ from the services and facilities they offer.

Type of accommodation is the most important decision.

To ensure an enjoyable stay in the Maldives, it is important to decide on the type of accommodations provided by . Most of the resorts will have different sorts of accommodation such as a beach villa, water villa, deluxe villa and the list goes on. Which might be at times pretty confusing.

When you are comparing prices between the resorts, do take note of the services and facilities offered. Some resorts might be older than the other, therefore they might be able to offer a cheaper rate but a compromisable facilities.

All inclusive package

When you are making choices through your travel agencies, stick to the best package based on your trip. Choose for an all inclusive package where ever possible. It would be cheaper than purchasing only an air ticket and making your own reservation for the resorts. If you fancy wine drinking for instance, choose the all inclusive package as a bottle of wine can be wickedly expensive at most resorts.

Peak and off peak season

Finally, understanding the peak and off peak season to the Maldives will definitely make a huge difference in your budget. The peak seasons falls between November to April. During these months, you will expect the best weather, with lots of sunshine and least rain. While Christmas and New Year Holiday is around the corner, it is much expected for the resorts to be more expensive than during the non peak season.

May to October however is known as the monsoon season, as chances for rainy days are expected more than usual. However, this does not mean you will never enjoy the sun as much as during the peak season too!

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