Dream of dreaming in Maldives

Dream of dreaming in Maldives

Need to take a break from work? From the traffic of the city? Are you bored with the daily routine of your life? Do you want something new? Well, why don’t you choose to come to the heart of paradise, Maldives who welcomes you with its pure beauty and the warm hospitality.

Maldives is a group of island lying in the Indian Ocean. With different colors of blue and white sandy beaches you surely will be amazed by the sunny weather. Since tourism began in 1970s we are proud to be at your service 24 hours every day, with no hesitation of what your need is.

You can come to Maldives by airplane at least its most preferred way. When your plane gets near "Hulhule” which is the island where Maldives international airport is, you would want to be at the window seat gazing the beauty of the lying islands below, to capture the moment to your digital camera. Yes, it’s truly awesome. When you arrive at the airport u can get to the resort by seaplane, launch or a "dhoni".

People of Maldives will surely greet you with friendly smile. You will not feel hesitate to ask for any assistance as we are at your service. English is a common language in the Maldives, not to worry.

If you choose to stay at one of our resorts, you will be amazed by the white sandy beaches and the blue ocean where you will want to sleep and wake up to the sound of waves, the magical music. You’ll want to throw your shoes off and walk bare feet on the white beach. The underwater beauty, which Maldives is famous for and also, one of the reasons you choose to come here. It’s unbelievable. If you are an adventurous  person, there are sports facilities at our resorts including water sports.

Though you would prefer to stay at the silent part of the Maldives, here is a list of places where you should visit. While you are in the Maldives you should experience its capital Male’, where you can see lots of unique shops, people and a busy capital but calmness is still adhered. There will be a tour guide to help you get through the crowd of Male’.

The fish market is an attraction you should not miss, as you can find a variety of fish and how these fresh fish are cleansed before they are brought home for the local family to enjoy their meal. Although you might be uncomfortable with the smell, we hope that you will enjoy taking pictures of the commercial hub of the Maldives.

The other place of attraction is a local market place where you can find different kinds of fruits and vegetables grown in Maldives. Few minutes walk from there, there is the National Museum which is located in the Sultan Park. It showcases the glories of the Maldives in different era. The colonial-style three storey building houses a variety of artefacts from the past which would give an idea of the unique and rich culture and history of this island nation of which many visitors would have never thought of. The museum is open daily except Friday and public holidays from 9am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm. 

In between visiting these places if u get hungry or just want to have a cup of tea or a coffee Male’ is full of cafes where u can enjoy your break.

In the Maldives, you will experience the colorful past of its history and the promising future in its enchanting resorts and hotels

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